10 years…

That’s how long it went on…. 10 years… 1976-1986… then, in His mercy, He shut the whole thing down.  10 Years of controlling people’s lives… not just what they needed to stop doing but also what they needed to start doing… suggestions turned into commands… and on and on.

And what did Phil learn…?   My system did not work.  Still took me a long time to discover systems never work. Systems do not change people’s lives.  Jesus changes peoples lives.  The moment we released people from all the restraints and shut it all down… you know what happened?   Everyone just went back to doing whatever they wanted to do… divorce their wife, commit adultery, beat their kids, didn’t matter… the point being that they did the things they had always wanted to do, only now it was out in public.

It was a very sad time in my life.  Even sadder that I still didn’t realize it was the system… any system… that was the problem.  I still thought I had messed it up and done it wrong.  My search began… Lord, how do I do it right this time?

10 more years of that… all thru our restaurant years… still trying to find out how to do church right. 

Sad became even sadder.  

Glad there is a happy ending on down the road a ways…



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