special things…

There were some very special things that happened during those 10 years… not everything was bad… that whole movement (shepherding and discipleship)  was about spending time with other people… which is the only way one can build relationships… it takes time… lots of time… one and one… small groups… eating together… serving together.  Those were all very positive, special things.

Although everybody got wounded in one way or another, most of the people kept seeking more of God in their lives… most of them became members of other churches… probably some of the most committed members that many of those churches had ever had.  Many of them continued to spend time with each other… relationships that have continued over the past 30 years.

Many have come to Vermont to visit with us at the B&B… one couple will be here in a few days… a couple that we have not seen in 30 years… some interact on Facebook or send emails… send their newsletters…

Relationships are relationships… they last for life… whenever people visit with us, it is like just continuing where we left off and catching up on all their news.

Those were the good things that came out of the system… the special things…. and those things never stop…


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