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Those relationships were very, very strong… and all everyone wanted to do was simply obey God… do whatever He was telling us to do.  Those church plantings were always out of relationship.  Usually 3 couples and a few singles would move to an area, become involved in the local community and trust that God was going to do a mighty work in each place.

Our move to the Montpelier area was just such a thing.  One of the guys was in sales and found himself  driving up and down on the interstate every day… never any opportunity to become a part of the local area.  He saw a restaurant for sale on the Barre-Montpelier Road in one of the shopping centers.  Owning a restaurant was one of his dreams… it would mean total involvement in the area… he asked me to be a silent partner in the venture.

The restaurant opened in January of 1986.  Later in the year when the whole church thing shut down, he just wanted to get out of Vermont and go back to New Jersey.  I bought out his share and suddenly found myself in what I now refer to as the restaurant years.  The next 8.5 years were absolutely crazy of course… since the Lord obviously had  THIS  in mind all the time and had been just preparing me for such a time as this…. to now accomplish that great thing that He called me to do… that great thing that He had in His mind from the beginning….


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