is it this, Lord?…

I have no idea how many times I asked the Lord this question over that next 8.5 years in the restaurant business.  Is this it?  Or that? Or….?  At first, I was in my successful businessman mode where I would be making lots of money so I could help God out with all His financial problems… (hard to believe I really thought that way)      🙂         … but that would soon change.

The shopping center started into the death process… first thing to go was one of the anchor stores… the supermarket had had enough with Vermont (not very business friendly here) and pulled out… then the other anchor store (Zayre’s) went belly up… Woolworths live off the anchor store’s traffic, so they left, the Bank was in the corner of the shopping center cashing all those paychecks that now no longer needed cashing… so they left…

In the end… there was just the last 3 stores left….  us… Radio Shack and Goss Tire…  at that point I was begging the Lord to give me an ok to just shut the thing down…. there was certainly nothing there to sell.

Between that first year and the last year, there were a bunch of little …. Is it this, Lord  or that… or….?

Each of them it’s own little story… hmmmm…. let’s see…. where do I start? 8.5 years is a whole lot-a-bunch of stories.


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