the replacements…

No more  “all you can eat” at the restaurant… Phil redid the whole concept and the entire menu, in his own inimitable style. Here were the  “replacements”!!!!

First… we offered all meals in small, medium or large… one could now eat as much as they wanted or as little as they wanted… and pay accordingly…       🙂

Next… people could now even  create  their own meals… mix and match different meat choices, with different sauces, served over pasta, rice, etc. … and ….  one could always have one of Phil’s famous, fabulous, fantastic cheese melts for just another dollar!

No more  all you can eat salad bar  either…  you could now have a side salad served with your small, medium or large entree which you created with or without a cheese melt…. all for the low, low price of only one more dollar!

Come on… ya gotta admit the guy is good… right?     🙂    

So… how did that go, Phil?

Actually… it went pretty well… down country folks living in Vermont… tourists and business people seemed to really enjoy it.   On the other hand… the old time Vermonters… they would come in, sit down, look at the menu, look at their dining companion, then get up and leave…  We discovered that Vermonters want about 3 choices… this… that or the other… and each choice should have meat and potato.


Of course, when Phil is on the job, the necessary adjustments can quickly be made…. but you knew that….

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1 Response to the replacements…

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    Looking forward the the next musing! LOL at the Vermont folks ( in a loving way) at the meat and potatoes 🙂

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