We had this island for the salad bar that ran almost halfway from one wall to the aisle in the center of the restaurant… but… we no longer had   salad for that bar.  Hmmm… ok Lord… what do you want me to do with this thing.  Then it came to me… the inspiration… of course … why hadn’t I seen it… of course… this is what the Lord had in mind all the time.  It would be incredible.

Instead of salad to feed people’s natural man… Phil would give them a different kind of food… a food for their spiritual man… Phil would use the bar to serve people inspirational literature.  Why had it taken me so long to see this.  Of course , Lord!  Our  Inspirational Book Bar  was birthed.

Literature had helped me so much in the first few years of my walk with God… that is what led me to the opening of the Deeper Life Christian Bookstore….  it was a no brainer… inspirational literature… people would look… be curious… ask questions… it would open the doors to many conversations….  of course… forgive me Lord for not seeing this sooner.

It became the next phase in the restaurant business.  It worked.  We did have many conversations.  Probably gave away more books than we sold.  I was so much more full of myself after that than I had been in a while.  Of course… it was never about money.  It was only about helping others to find Him.  Of course, Phil was only doing this for the glory of God.

 I told you he was wonderful!

There would be other changes as well.  It took 8.5 years….  experience after experience….  


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