After being so pleased with my own wonderfulness in setting up my  Inspirational Book Bar… I was thinking about any other way I could serve God in some public way in order to bring glory to His Name…  

Reflecting on these things today, I just shake my head at how badly I kept missing things back then… but stories are stories… and it is always the history that makes us what we are today…  I never learned anything from my successes… only from my failures….  maybe somebody reading this can identify with what I just said….      🙂

Getting up at 5:30 every morning to be able to open for breakfast at 7:00am…. then serving the after dinner bar type folks before shutting at 11:00pm… was making for one very long day.  We finally decided to stop serving breakfast (when the bar was closed) and just open for lunch and dinner (when the bar was open)…    🙂 

That was another very good move.  The inspiration to invite FGBMFI to use our facility (at no charge of course) for their morning meetings was the next way I could serve God in a public way.  I had been an officer in FGBMFI (Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship International) back during the Bookstore days.

Once again I was convinced that God really knew what He was doing when He revealed Himself to Phil Wolff…. it was very well received… for a while… until some of the folks in the fellowship thought it was not honoring God to be having meetings in a room where there was a bar and alcohol.

They moved to another location where there was no bar in the room… but there was a charge for the room that had no bar.  I learned a little bit more about religion from the experience.

But now I had to come up with some other way to serve God in public.

I did….


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