I did… find another way…

… but you knew I would… right?  You knew I would find another way to serve God in public… in the restaurant?    Right?

What better way than to  “start a Church”  that would meet right here at T. Calico’s… whooaa baby… this would be awesome.. and of course BIG and Phil Wolff would get his opportunity to  “do church right”  this time.  How great was this!!!!!

And… how did that go, Phil?

Pretty poorly actually… never got it off the ground… stopped trying… then a year later tried again… that never got off the ground either…  May have had something to do with my not knowing how to  “do church right”  …  since it still ends up in a system….  an organization of some sort… with doctrines of some sort … and rules of some sort…  pretty sad…

How many more years went by before I ever finally saw it… finally saw that church cannot be done right…. that it always ends up in a system of one kind or another.  It wasn’t until 2009 that it finally began to break thru for me.

Meanwhile back in the restaurant… almost 20 years before 2009… I thought I might just need to stay with serving good food at T. Calico’s in order to honor the Lord.

 Hmmmm…. I just had this thought… wow… great idea…

This should work great!


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