the Mexican Connection…

It is a bit painful to tell all these stories about my arrogance… but… there is a great healing in this process for me… as well as the growing realization that all these experiences were necessary in my life, to bring me to where I am today… a place I could never have experienced if I had just been “successful” at one of these things I was doing… and just  stayed there.

I promoted T. Calico’s as  “the restaurant in the Shopping Center… but not a Shopping Center Restaurant”… just in case you thought that might be a put down of all other restaurants in shopping centers… it was…  so sad…

When asked about what kind of food we served… I would say:   “eclectic ethnic”….

Oh my…. what a guy… always needing to be better than someone or something else… always clever with words… in order to get into further explanations about what those things mean and show others even more,  how Phil does everything better and more wonderful than the rest of the human race…  ugghhh…

We served American food, British food, Italian, Asian, German and Mexican…. that is a pretty wide variety  of food (eclectic)  from many different countries  (ethnic) …       🙂

The thought that came yesterday… the great idea…. the one that brought the wow… that thought was about the  Mexican food   we served.  I saw it all so very clearly… this would be how it works….

The  Mexican Connection  was birthed…





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