nearing the end…

The last 3 years in the restaurant were really tough… as the Shopping Center died we were depending more and more on the locals, which can never be enough.  You need the tourists, business people, visitors for all the reasons people visit any areas… these folks got to be less and less as all the stores were shutting down…. there was this big empty parking lot with 2 businesses open at night… us and Radio Shack.

With so little business, we needed less seats of course, so we took a half of one side in the front, turning that into the Mexican Connection, with it’s own entrance before coming into the restaurant itself.  It was fun… it worked… locals really enjoyed it… but it was too little too late.

By the end, I was begging the Lord to let me just shut it all down… finally got His ok in June 1994… there was no longer  T. Calico’s Restaurant  on the Barre/Montpelier Road. If you don’t know where that is, strangely enough, it is the road that runs from the Capitol in Montpelier to the town of Barre in Vermont…      🙂

I was able to somehow keep patting myself on the back though  (which, by this time, you have noted I am pretty good at)  since I could never find another place after that with Mexican food to compare with what we produced… or our Margaritas… and never found a place where I could get a Reuben like ours… our rolls (mmmm)… and the burgers we put on them.. and the Prime Rib… wow… not to mention our specialty dessert… Phil’s Creme Caramel

I tell ya… the guy was good….


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