rolls… rolls… and more rolls…

Wish I could remember who made this dough that I would buy… can’t even remember which purveyor I bought it from… too many years ago… in a galaxy far, far away…   🙂 … but it was incredible… came to us in the refrigerated section of the truck and went right into my walk-in at the restaurant.  When It was time to make more rolls… I would pull out a bag… then put Phil’s magic to work making perfect rolls….!!!  

Did you know I was going to say that?        🙂

I weighed out the perfect amount for each roll.. then…. with tender, loving, perfect care, I would knead each roll, pull it out, knead it again, pull it out,  till the roll itself was perfect and ready for the oven.  Then the perfect rolls would be perfectly placed on the baking pan and then perfectly baked at 350 degrees… never higher… until they were baked to perfection.

People flipped out over my rolls…. they were perfectly designed to hold an 8 oz burger...  We had one regular lunch customer that totally loved our rolls… he owned a gas station with a convenience store… and he wanted to serve his sandwiches on Phil’s perfect rolls.  

Perfect, right?

NOT…  he would order 100 at a time… so I delegated it to the cooks… In those last years, I never could find one employee who could make my perfect rolls.  They were no longer perfect… no two rolls were ever the same size… TLC was not a phrase any of them understood… they were in a hurry… didn’t weigh them… didn’t knead them and pull them out properly and hurried up the baking process at 375 degrees or even 400… perfect rolls were no longer perfect.

Phil found himself making about 100 rolls every day or two.  It was crazy… I did have a few other things to do every day.       🙂

I was relieved to tell my customer that we were shutting down the restaurant and could no longer make rolls for him.


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2 Responses to rolls… rolls… and more rolls…

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    I love perfect rolls AND Mexican food! Oh, and I love my BFF!!!

  2. How ’bout my Creme Caramels, Sherrie? 🙂

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