oh yes… before I forget….

There was another thing that came up just before that final two years at T. Calico’s… 

We had lots of very regular customers … we would talk… relationships were built… that was the fun part of the restaurant business for me… serving great food, giving folks a great experience, having great conversations… sometimes we would talk about the Lord, which made it even more fun for me.

One couple that enjoyed my God stories,  were on the board of a small Congregational Church in the area.  One day they asked me if I would be interested in pastoring their little Church…. oh my… Lord, is this what this whole thing was about?  You wanted me to pastor this small Church?  Of course… you could move by your Spirit once again, just like the early 70’s…. and all this preparation till now, was for just such a time as this… of course…. and Phil is ready for the task Lord!

So I was interviewed by the board.. approved by the board… and began my new ministry as pastor of this small Congregational Church…. didn’t really matter that there were only something like 8, 10, 12 people who would come to Church those first Sundays…  I knew that God would move in a mighty way and it wouldn’t be long before there were hundreds coming in hear the new preacher…

Of course….

And how did that one work out, Phil?



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