them there rolls again…

Couldn’t believe it… after what I wrote about my rolls the other day… somebody out on the West Coast googles a title I used for a posting back in 2010… “the hurryder I go… the behinder I get” and they click to that old posting… come on… ya gotta luv it!

This is what they found….   🙂

“I used to make rolls that were specifically designed  to contain our 8oz burgers back in our restaurant years from 1986 to 1994.  They took a lot of TLC…. they needed to be cut the same weight… pulled out gently to the same size… tenderly caressed and formed into the perfect shape and placed on the baking pans…. cooked at 350 degrees and watched till they were perfectly “done”… then immediately taken out of the oven, removing the rolls to a cooling rack…. people went crazy  over Philip’s rolls…

It was hard to explain… these rolls…. people just loved them…. we even had a regular customer who owned a deli sandwich shop… he came all the time  to get one of our big burgers on one of those big rolls… he loved them… he loved them so much that he asked me if I would make rolls for his deli shop… I couldn’t resist… let me tell you, they used a whole lot-a-bunch of rolls… got to the point where it seemed like all I did was make rolls all day…. what a hoot!

So I was telling this story to my friend Bodie the other day about how I could never ever hire  anybody who would make the rolls the way I do…. they were always in too big of a hurry… they didn’t want to waste any time… time is valuable you know… get it done… get on to the next thing… the really important things… it is part of what I refer to as the human condition… and the hurryder we go the behinder we get…resulting in an end product that was not what the designer had in mind…

The rolls were never pulled out tenderly or long enough… they were all different sizes…. they would crank the oven to get them done faster… they never were right… they never tasted the way the designer wanted them to taste… sometimes  they would be burnt and I would have to throw them out and start all over… people did not like the end product… it didn’t have that special taste and texture

So I made them slowly and carefully myself….

Bodie reminded me that that’s just how God is with us.  He loves us so much… a whole lot more than I loved my rolls…He handles us with TLC… pulling us out just enough… shaping us into His perfect design… never in a hurry… our cooking temperature is never too hot… never more than we can handle… He never burns us… never throws us away…

People are in a hurry… God is never in a hurry.  Boy can I tell you stories about that…. hmmm… maybe I will.  Some stories about what happens when we try to expedite the process for God and take over the kitchen.  Religion is really good at that… at taking over God’s kitchen.   When that happens there are a lot of burned rolls.”


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