life after restaurant….

Our “Journey”  through life is like that… always transitioning from life as we once knew it, on to the next steps in the journey… until that next thing ends… and then we go on thru the next transition.

After we had shut down the restaurant in June of 1994… we had a big celebration for Ellen’s 50th birthday in July… then took the next month to vacation together… driving out West… touching family and friends along the way… our goal being places I’ve always wanted to see in South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado.

Each place has its own story… very meaningful for me… it was a great time for us to unwind from those restaurant years together… and locked in time with each other that we had never quite experienced before… nor since…  Hoping to end that soon… after the sale of the Bed & Breakfast….  Don’t tell Ellen I said that!      🙂

I invite you to join me as I tell the stories… but this is being written mostly for philip… I am watching the Lord heal me of lots of traumas along the way… and reliving these things as best I can remember… it is also being written in order to leave a kind of legacy to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Who was this “Poppa” anyway?

I’m having a blast… and when we move on this time in our journey through life… this time from the B&B and life as we have known it for almost 20 years now… it will help keep me busy with something to do…  which will certainly help Ellen with her sanity in having to deal with an old fella that has nothing to do!


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