Dances With Wolves….

Meanwhile, back in the car,  and driving  “West young man”  (with his now 50 year old wife)… we were on our way to South Dakota and Wyoming where they had filmed one of my all time favorite movies… “Dances With Wolves”… we were looking for the various “sites” that tourists like Phil could go and gawk at the Fort, the summer camp, the field where they climbed up and looked carefully over the top, to see the herds of buffalo… oh yes… oh my…

the buffalo… gotta tell ya ’bout the buffalo…       🙂     Seeing a real, live buffalo was right up there on the top of my list… (I won’t blame Ellen for any of these stories… OK?)   So… we spot this billboard as we make our way across South Dakota… there it was… a real live buffalo at this place… just pull in Phil and you can see one. So we did.

There he was.  Very big.  And very real.  Somehow I found myself feeling sorry for him though… all alone… in this great big cage.  Perhaps when I climb up that little hill at the filming site, I will be able to imagine hundreds… thousands out there in the valley below.

I did my very best to do that when we hit the place where they filmed that scene… but it didn’t work.  So I was a tad disappointed. Oh well.  We enjoyed all the other places and headed down thru Spearfish Canyon, looked at our last film site and then set out for Wyoming on our way to the “Little Big Horn”… but that is another story.

This story ends in a moment…  we had to come to a complete stop… have you guessed why?  Herds of buffalo were crossing the road… blocking any further travel for a while.  Must have been a thousand of them.  But who is counting!  What a thrill.

I just got goose-bumps all over again… thinking about how the Lord does these little things for me… time and time again.  Wonder what He has in mind an hour from now?   Hmmmm…




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