We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a very important announcement….     🙂    

I keep having people from all over the world who “google” these titles from my old writings from 2007 thru 2011… I had been sending the links to a couple of my friends and talking about how they are still pretty relevant.  I have also pondered about how to include them with my present writings.

For now… it may be an occasional interruption… like this one… because I still hear this kind of thing pretty regularly… along the line of:  “If there actually is a God up there that runs things, how could He allow this ______ (fill in the blank)”

I wrote this back on 3/13/2010… still just as real to me today.  It was titled:

God?  You gotta be kiddin’ me….

“That Vietnam Vet I told you about yesterday…. that one sitting on the trail in the jungle with his best friend bleeding to death in his arms… his buddy with a chest full of bamboo spikes… do you know what he said when I tried to tell him that Jesus loved him… tell him that God loved him…?  It was was a whole lot stronger than “you gotta be kiddin’ me…”

I have been talking to people about God for 42 years now… if people think about God at all… I want you to know that the first thing that runs thru their heads is not the biblical definition of who God is.  The scriptures state very clearly that God is love. That was not the way the Vet from ‘Nam looked at God… that is not the way that most people I have talked to over all these years look at God…

My question for you this morning is the important one though… the one that is singularly important to you… the question is… “How do you look at God?”   Is the answer maybe…. “God who?   God what?  God where?  Whadaya mean God.  There is no God.

What is your definition?  God the monster.  The God who doesn’t give a rap.  The all indifferent God. The God who punishes.  The God who is too busy. The angry  God?

I actually believed at one time that I could change that way of thinking about God by rationally explaining it to people.  I had learned all the doctrines… been taught all the manipulative evangelistic tricks with which one would “present the gospel”…. I was a paid professional minister…. I now realize the joke it is when a paid pro like me,  presents “Christ” to people… Man… I got paid to talk about Jesus…  I got paid well to talk about Jesus… it’s a whole ‘nother one of those 8 million stories… but I never made more money  doing anything in all my 75 years than I made working in the religion business...

Do you think my plastic ‘Jesus loves you’ smile  actually impacted people’s lives… lives like that Vietnam Vet….  If you’ve read the newspapers,  you have read about all the lifestyle hypocrisies of the paid religious professionals who have publicly fallen… and there are more stories I could tell about all the ‘not so public’  paid religious clergy… it is sad… yet we continue to invite people to church so they can “hear about the doctrines of our religious systems”  in order to find God… like I said… sad.

The only way that they will ever believe is if they should happen to meet Jesus in another human being…. because  He lives in us… then others can see and touch and feel and handle the God who loves us more than we can ever know….

Oh yes… by the way… God is love.   I know that is true… not by words a man said about  Jesus 42 years ago… but because I met Him… in a man… 42 years ago… his name was Henry Redyke… Jesus lived in him. He died flying his airplane into the side of the Andes mountains transporting missionaries into the jungles of Bolivia.  I am forever thankful.  If anyone knows any of his family… say thank you to them for sharing Henry with me.

I am ‘not thankful’ that I was a paid professional presenting plastic Jesus.  Apologies for the alliteration…


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