After Phil  (the all american boy – ever listen to Jack Armstrong on the radio back in the 40’s?)  had escaped from the herd of wild buffalo, he and ellen  were back on the road heading towards Phil’s primary goal…. the Little Big Horn… and General George Armstrong Custer.

I had this fascination with Custer and his arrogance… I saw every movie ever made about Custer… read books about him… and I wanted to visit the site of the massacre at the Little Big Horn. This was of course light years before I even had a hint of Phil’s arrogance… I have always been so good about seeing what is wrong with the rest of the human race… but clueless about everything that is wrong with me.  Glad I finally got there…

But back then, I was fascinated by how anybody can believe he is so superior to others… one white soldier boy was superior to a thousand of those red savages.  No problem here.  I wanted to get the whole story. See what he saw.  Experience the massacre.  Pretty weird, huh?

I couldn’t imagine anyone being any more arrogant than Custer until we stopped at Fort Phil Kearny… along the way…. and discovered Fetterman…. Captain William J. Fetterman… who had  “a rather contemptuous attitude toward the Indians and… had asked… to lead a hundred mounted men against the  whole Sioux Nation”  … I knew immediately that this required a closer look.  We needed to stop and check out Fort Phil Kearny… and Fetterman.  I wondered what had happened there.

We did stop. We did learn. It became the highlight of my trip!



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