I have the book (of course)… “The Fetterman Massacre”…  my plan is to re-read it as soon as we sell the B&B and this whole new life opens up where I will have time to do lots-a-bunches of things… primary among those things will be working full time on getting back my health.  Actually everything is pretty good now health-wise except for my legs which I affectionately refer to as my tree stumps… they make it hard to walk, throw off my balance and I get tired pretty quick.

The good news is that I can still cut the lawn and do half hour sessions with the weed whacker.  But the legs require lots of time with those three sessions on the floor for an hour, working on the legs to press the water down from the feet, ankles and calves.  I also need time to do my whole stretching and exercise routine that has been just hit or miss because we have been so busy at the B&B.  Hopefully soon. We are getting close.

Fetterman  “happened”  10 years before Custer took his troops up to the Little Big Horn.  Crazy Horse was just a young buck back then…. I could picture him on his horse in the hills above Fort Phil Kearny  (which was not named after me… but you probably knew that)… taunting the soldiers behind the gates.  Fetterman rode out after him..with just about those 100 men he had talked about… but not against the whole Sioux nation.. just chasing after one Sioux warrior named Crazy Horse.

We followed them up the hill and out onto the flat (where we parked our car) and then walked what seemed like a small island, where we suddenly discovered ourselves surrounded by a thousand other Sioux warriors… 40,000 arrows were launched during the next 45 minutes…. then it was silent.

Only Ellen and I were still alive.  Mistakes were made that day.  Lessons were learned by Phil.  Obviously Custer didn’t learn anything.  The same mistakes were made once again that day at the Little Big Horn 10 years later… Crazy Horse was running the show by then.


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