Little Big Horn…

Fetterman and 80 of his men died that day… December 21, 1866.   It was the army’s worst defeat until the Little Big Horn ten years later.   It was a very small battlefield and a very short fight.  Very different from the Little Big Horn…. which was a very large battlefield…. several different conflicts… much to drive around and see.

Custer’s last stand though was a very short fight… like Fetterman’s fight… they were also completely overwhelmed…Custer had 200 men… surrounded by over 3000 Indians… it took only an hour till they were all dead.

Ellen even put up with me as I drove back in with our tour book and tape playing the “Gary Owen”  (Custer’s favorite Irish marching song) and visited every area for a second time.  I think I may have put her over the top as we finally drove out of the park, with the windows down and the Gary Owen blaring loudly…    🙂

It has taken me many too many years to realize the arrogance that drives men to attempt things that never should have been attempted… the even more difficult thing is finally coming to the realization that Phil Wolff’s arrogance was just the same as Custer’s and Fetterman’s… it leaves me grateful… humbled… thankful… for His love that finally broke thru… finally revealed this to me… brought me thru it… in order to set me free from it.

As a matter of fact, it was a replay of the Fetterman and Custer thing, in a movie about the war in Vietnam that God used to change the way I pray… completely changed the way I pray..  “We Were  Soldiers”… It was released in 2002… became one of my all time favorite movies… when I watched it again in 2006…. He gave me a revelation … things have never been the same since.



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