Do you have any heroes?  There were a whole bunch of them in the Ia Drang Valley during those fateful 3 days in November 1965…  people are still people in any year… doesn’t matter whether it’s 1865 or 1965… even Fetterman showed up in the Ia Drang Valley… so did Crazy Horse… a Vietnamese Scout played the part.. he didn’t have a horse but did a good imitation with his legs, made sure he was seen and scooted off in fear… an arrogant lieutenant (acting against orders, just like Fetterman did) orders his platoon to follow him and chases Crazy horse… right into an ambush… they are surrounded by lots of Vietnamese… lots of heroes in that fight.

Then, of course there was Custer, played by Col Hal Moore with his 400 men surrounded by 4000 Vietnamese regulars… 2 days of fighting… more heroes all thru those days… some lived, many died… doing what their country had told them to do.  When the situation is seen as hopeless, Col Hal Moore is ordered to take the next helicopter and leave… it would not look good if the Colonel died on that battlefield. Not a good image… not good politics… Hal though is a hero.  He told his men he would be the first on the field and the last to leave.  Also told them everyone would leave… even those who died, would be taken out of there.  He was a man of his word.

All of them know that the thousands of soldiers surrounding them would hit them from all sides first thing in the morning and overrun their position.  All would die. Just like Custer’s last Stand.   Then comes my favorite scene where Moore (Mel Gibson) is talking with his First Soldier (Sam Elliot)… Mel Gibson says… “I wonder how Custer felt?”… Sam Elliot says:  “Custer was a woosie, Sir… you ain’t no woosie!”   Then this light goes on for Moore… you can see it in Gibson’s eyes… then I knew… I knew what was going to happen… and it did.

That is when I got the revelation… not from  Gibson… from my biggest Hero and that changed the way I prayed.  I’ll talk a little about that next time…


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