what heroes say to their mothers…

“Hey mom… not to worry… I’m the best chopper pilot in ‘Nam right now… so all the Generals want me to fly them around… Generals do not like to be shot at… so you don’t have to worry about me.”   Sorry… not… he was right in the middle of it all in 1969… just like “Snake” was in 1965.

The Learning Channel did an hour long story about my brother Marc’s aerial stunts in the movies… “Marc Wolff is one of the most sought after stunt coordinators and movie camera pilots: creator of many of cinema’s most daring stunts and intense moments”  the credits just go on and on. The program was titled “Shoot to Thrill”.

If you are interested, this is Marc’s website…  


The point being that Marc continued to live on the edge after Vietnam.  The program showed a scene where Marc visits Viet Nam and goes to where their airfield was… I saw the tears in his eyes as he thought of all his buddies who never came back… very moving scene.

Those men that didn’t come back… they were all heroes… not whackos and murders… they were heroes.

There were many of those heroes in the Ia Drang Valley…  more about them next time.


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