Ia Drang Valley…

The first issue for me was that I had no idea that Phil Wolff was born into the Ia Drang Valley on August 29, 1935.  We are born into a world that is at war.  Satan’s goal is to totally destroy everything that God has created and called good.  Every time a new child is born, we find ourselves in our own personal Ia Drang Valley, surrounded by thousands of the enemy, all trying to destroy us.

Because we didn’t understand that, we thought everything should go “right” in our lives… but soon discover that things seem to go “wrong” many more times than they go the way we think they should go. If you have been reading my stories, you know they are confessions of things going wrong time after time after time… Failure after failure… disaster after disaster…  It is life in the Ia Drang Valley.

It took a long time for me to finally see this… (it was only 11 years ago that it started to piece together for me)…. I was ready for “We Were Soldiers”… at last (in 2006)…I saw this major piece of the puzzle when I came to that scene with the Colonel and his First Soldier.  That light went on in Gibson’s eyes… and I knew what was going to happen.

The sun is rising.  All the Vietnamese soldiers are moving into position to attack and overrun the American soldiers.   And there are the Americans, dug in and hunkered down defensively up on the hill.  This is it.  Then Col Hal Moore gives the order… “Fix Bayonets”… and as the Vietnamese bugler rises up to blow the “charge”… the Americans shoot him and suddenly become the attackers as they charge down the hill and overrun the Vietnamese’s first line…

Oh my…. what a scene.  Lots more follows where they continue down to the main camp…. see the movie!!!!   But that was when I realized how I had always prayed “defensively”.   I had put on the whole armor of God in order to defend myself from the enemy’s attacks… that needed to change... and it did…


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