so there I was…

I couldn’t believe it… even though it seemed like that was what He was saying… “Come on Lord… you gotta be kidding me, right?  You don’t really want me to pray a rote prayer again, do you?”  I mean I was raised in Catholicism.  8 years in Parochial School. 4 years in an all male Jesuit High School. 1 year of Jesuit College… I thought for sure I was supposed to be a Priest.  Left all that in my early 20’s.  It didn’t work for me at all.

That was a lot of years of “prayers” that were written out, said over and over and over until they were memorized…  Rote prayers…  “Lord… surely you do not want me to go back to reading written out prayers…. right?   Lord?”

I was enjoying John Eldredge’s writings back in 2004 and 2005… he had this written out prayer he was encouraging people to read every day… resulting in the above conversation with the Lord.  I was sure He couldn’t want me to do this… but… He did… want me to read that written out prayer.

What an experience… many, many times I have experienced something pretty amazing, awesome responses to some act of obedience that would pretty much blow me away each time… but never something like this before.  Never something like this since.  I want to say this carefully. This was a one time experience.  He wanted me to continue praying like this… not to get things… but to enter into offensive warfare with His enemy.

Business had been terrible.  Worst December/January we had ever experienced. I had been asking the Lord about that… anything He wanted me to do.  What He wanted was for me to pray this written out prayer. So I did on February 1, 2006.

And the whole business world exploded.  It was the largest single month of bookings we have ever had…  or ever will have… and… only 28 days in February!  It was just a seal on the way I was to go.  Not so I could be successful… but so I would begin to learn how to enter into battle.

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