Prayer #1


This is my page titled “Morning”.  I try to start every day with it.  I am free to digress or say some other things as well.  

I then proceed to put on His “armor”... I get  “dressed”  for the day’s battle as it were… the  “armor”  is then expanded to say what I believe these things stand for in my life and their purpose for today and every day.

Then I proceed to “using” these weapons for their intended purpose.  The weapons are used to simply declare truth to the enemy, to his principalities and powers.  That is the beginning of the attack.  I am not asking God for things… I am not telling God what He should do about situations or circumstances or anything else… simply declaring truth.

I ask for His guidance about any specific things that may be on my heart and include family and friends.  I look for His enlightenment and then declare more truths.  Finally winding up my morning prayer with my expanded version of “The Lord’s Prayer”….

If I do not digress, it might take me all of 5 minutes in the “Morning”






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2 Responses to Prayer #1

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    Sounds like a great way to start the day!

    • It is, Sherrie… and amazing things happen… all the time… the good, the bad, the ugly and … which one doesn’t matter… because it’s all been put in the right place early on… and thru the rest of the day… writing about that tomorrow… 🙂

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