Prayer #2…


This is where I get really serious about the attack… I hear the “fix bayonets”… and start to charge down the hill at the enemy position.  I really enjoy this mid-morning prayer… make some proclamations… tell the enemy why Father has put me here… and how folks are going to be set free, prison doors will open and all that good stuff.

Then the major proclamations… telling Satan it’s all over… he is defeated… bring your kingdom rule in Lord…  bring the full power of your cross, resurrection and ascension against the evil one… it’s over Satan…  IT IS FINISHED!

That’s my part… that’s all Philip has to do… the Lord does all the rest… it’s up to Him… it is His plan, not mine… (just thought back to how I used to run around trying to do things… thinking so much depended on the great Phil Wolff)… NOT… nothing depends on him… the Lord can do whatever he wants… I did my part.

Then I just wind up with some thank you’s…  knowing… the enemy has been overrun yet one more time.


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