Prayer #3…


a Psalm – Philip – 05/08/2008

I have always enjoyed Psalm 144… so I just had to rework it a little to make it mine…  this is Philip’s personalized version… and I use it as my 3rd prayer of the day… sometimes it is mid-afternoon before I get to it, not noon… remember.. no rules… just guidelines… I get to each prayer when I get to it… no guilt trips if the whole day just slips away…    🙂

This prayer touches on important things though.  It is a declaration of who God is to Philip, especially in today’s battles…. there are also some specific things I ask Him to do each day…. sometimes I even get a little noisy and  “dramatic”  as I say these things…         🙂

Then I praise Him for for it all… followed by a few more very special requests…

How blessed are the people whose God is the Lord !!!


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2 Responses to Prayer #3…

  1. Joseph Pastina says:

    Phil…that is powerful…He preserves and prospers us.. continually pouring out his loving kindness…How GREAT is our God!!!!

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