“if you know these things… blessed are you if you do them.”

I finished up with this verse from the Gospel of John yesterday.  There is a big difference here between just knowing things and…  experiencing the things we know… doing those things… living them… walking in them.  That is where the “blessing” comes.

I  knew  a whole  lot-a-bunch  of things… after all… I had “studied to show myself approved”… I had gone off to bible school… I had become a pastor… I even started our own bible school, so the church could begin to  know  as philip  knew.  How great is that?   Not!!!

I had totally missed what Jesus was trying to convey when He said   “if you know these things… blessed are you if you do them.”….  He was talking about washing people’s feet, being a servant… He was not talking about going out and doing great things in His Name in order to receive the applause and adulation…. like I said… phil wolff had totally missed that.

I had to go thru the process of  “life happening”  in order to get to a completely different understanding of that verse from John 13… those things that were learned going thru that process… those things that I now knew… they became the things I had to “do”.. that I had to experience

What a wonderful place that was… a place of blessing I had never even known existed… it was in Him… not in stuff… not in things… not in adulation… not in recognition… but in Him.


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