So why does philip pray these 4 prayers every day?  That seems so silly… redundant… boring… you… alone… in a room…and you don’t even do it to try to “get” something from God…?  

It’s pretty simple actually… philip does it because God told him to do it.

It also works some things very deep into me… things that need to happen in me…like I need to get to the place where I realize just how insignificant I really am… how God doesn’t need philip to accomplish anything He wants to accomplish… it kills that thing in me that wants to be “somebody”… be important… that thing needs to die… and then in some wild and crazy way, I watch God doing things I could never have hoped or dreamed would happen… I realize then just how much He loves me… how much He wants me to participate in His plans by having me be me and letting Him be Him…      🙂

I needed to stop just “doing things” for God… die to all that… and be resurrected once again in Him… to do only what He puts on my plate to do… even really exciting, boring things, like proclaiming the same rote truths 4 times every day….


“if you know these things… blessed are you if you do them.”

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