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Before I go on about the Religious TICS… I needed to “interrupt” again… seems like someone did one of those google things again and ended up on a blog posting that I wrote way back in July of 2008…. it is saying the same thing I have been saying these past few days about “knowing“… luv it when this stuff just happens... hope you enjoy it as much as I did…


“One of Satan’s biggest religious twists on what is written in Scripture…..(only one of many, many twists and distortions)…. has to do with this scripture from Acts 1.
“but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses”

The enemy is the Father of lies who would like any who have come to know God and have stopped eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Evil …. to begin to eat from the the Tree of the Knowledge of Good…. but…  it’s the same stupid tree!

The first thing he does is gives us something to do….. Instead of something we are… as in being something… being a container of God’s own life in the earth, wherever He has placed us, doing only what He has given us to do….. Satan twists the scripture from “be witnesses” to “give a witness” and it now becomes the words we say to others instead of the life we live before others.

God has to change our lives by His very life in us, in order for us to be witnesses. Anybody can say something out of a cerebral understanding of doctrines… we can memorize canned phrases…or we can pass out tracts where somebody else has written it down so we don’t have to say it…..but I can do that and continue to live exactly the way the rest of the world lives.

Now… if I am called to the witness stand at some trial….before I say anything… my character has gone before me… who I am is much more important than what I say on the witness stand. And I do not have to say anything until I am asked a question by someone….. and I’ll take that a step further….. if I start giving answers to questions that have not been asked, I could be held in contempt of the court!

The scripture is very clear that we are to live in such a way that maybe somebody might just want to ask us a question…..then scripture tells us that we are to live prepared…. ready to give an answer for the hope that is within us…. a person… not a doctrine.

The man who led me to the Lord…. Henry Redyke…. was simply living what He believed and acting on it in front of me. It took two years. He never told me I was lost and needed to get saved. He never told me I was going to hell and he was going to heaven. He was an honest, upright, hard working, very pleasant guy for 2 years and when my world fell apart, I saw that his didn’t….and…guess what…. I started asking some questions.

I wanted whatever it was that he had ….. not what he was saying….. but what he was living. My experience with God was never intellectual. It became that… intellectual….. it got twisted….it got distorted… because of what I was taught… that’s another story.”


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