sorry.. couldn’t resist… after yesterday’s madness and all the wild responses to the results, (especially on Facebook).. I just had to add  “Politics”  to my list of TICS…     🙂

my concern in it all, has nothing to do with who got elected to what or who lost… it has everything to do with the responses I’ve seen from professing christians… who appear to be all caught up in politics… and attacking one another… and I’m wondering whatever happened  to the understanding of our God who holds everything in His hands… did He take a day off?  Did He suddenly stop using everything that happens to bring about His eternal purposes?

 so… having said that… I am thankful to be able to simply say  “thy will be done Lord”… and continue to pray for our leaders… deal with however that affects my life here in the U.S. .. at the same time knowing that philip is actually living under the rule of another government,   it’s called the Kingdom of God… there is a King… His name is Jesus… and when I obey Him and just love others, it makes me a much better citizen in the country where I live.  

oh… and… I am very happy that I live in the U.S. regardless who gets elected…. having looked at what is going on in a few other countries in this world.        🙂

Just because I went thru the  process from being the guy who knew everything to the guy who finally saw that he knew nothing… that does not mean that philip is without preferences about life in these United States, or how he would like to see things go… as a matter of fact I even have a couple of opinions… (just ask my wife)  

but… I also want to say it is ok with philip for others to have their own opinions… and… if they are different from his… then that is ok too.

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