a day off…

actually we are taking more than  “a day off”  from the B&B… we drove down to Wenham, MA to spend some time with Jen and Dano and their kids… we shut down the B&B for a whole week!  But I did take  a day off  from writing… opting to travel with Dano and Lian to watch her shoot arrows during an archery class for a couple hours. First time ever to watch something like that.  She was really good.

Gave me lots of one on one time with Dano… best was his story about a training session he gave on his last business trip to Rwanda. Amazing to me how the enemy works to bring people everywhere, to a place where we give in to  “fear” about everything… losing our jobs, getting cancer, making payroll this week,  look at all the fear responses, even riots happening here in the U.S. over the election… and everything else we read in the papers, the latest ambushed policeman, break-ins, horrific accidents, armed robberies, murders and on and on… are we next?  What’s going to happen?

That fear thing goes on everywhere… big time in Rwanda too! …  So… this was the basis of Dano’s presentation.  We can choose to live in fear or in faith.  We can live in faith when we understand that we really are not in control of anything… so we just do our jobs here the best we can and leave the results in the hands of the one who is in control of everything. It will all work out the way it is supposed to, one way or another. Nothing to fear… Let’s just do our jobs.

Sounds a lot like what I’ve been saying… just be who we are … where we are… deal with what He puts on our plates today… take no thought for tomorrow… He has all our tomorrows in His hands.


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