Hermeneutics… my favorite of the TICS… since now, out of Phil’s great knowledge and learning, he could himself  interpret  the meaning of scripture… you would really have loved some of my interpretations!!!!

Not that I ever published my own version of the bible with all my interpretations in the side bars… there are more than one of those out there that will explain the true meaning of all the verses.  I have owned a Schofield Bible, a Dakes Bible, a Thompson Chain Bible… but by then I was ready to write my own interpretations and I didn’t need  any more of these guys… oh… yes… you do understand  of course, that all of us had different interpretations.

Talk about the Tree of Knowledge!!  Just look at these definitions… words that stand out are:   theory – methodology – science – principles of Biblical exegesis – study of – principles – methods – branch of knowledge that…. hmmmmm…

“Hermeneutics is the theory and methodology of interpretation, especially the interpretation of biblical texts, wisdom literature, and philosophical texts.

1. the science of interpretation, especially of the Scriptures. 2. the branch of theology that deals with the principles of Biblical exegesis. 

the study of the principles and methods of interpreting the text of the Bible. 

the branch of knowledge that deals with interpretation, especially of the Bible or literary texts.”

Somehow I hear nothing that would imply that human beings need revelation of some sort from the One that has never eaten from that Tree… the one who has given us the Tree of Life to eat from… how come is it that I seem to prefer eating from that Knowledge Tree… could it have anything to do with my desire to be as God, knowing good and evil… ?


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