one day…

It has taken my whole life… but… I think I am finally at the place where I want to live only one day at a time.  It has been a long, tough journey… getting there…

I know I am supposed to “take no thought for tomorrow”…  I know that “each day’s trouble is sufficient for that day”… I know that He gives His people “manna“, fresh manna… each and every day… and… don’t even think about trying to hang onto some of that manna for tomorrow…  I know these things… in my head.  It is that knowledge thing again.

I needed to “experience” these things in order to make them real for me… experience these things to get them out of my head and into me… so it becomes my life... every single day… not something I KEEP TELLING MYSELF TO DO EVERY DAY… and then spin out with all the stuff the enemy throws at my head… “what if this happens Phil?   or that happens… or the other thing happens… you need to be realistic… you need to have a plan if that happens… etc etc. etc…”

One day at a time… that is the way I choose to live now… no thought for tomorrow… just deal with what He puts on my plate today…  just be who I am where He has placed me today… then tomorrow, deal with what He puts on my plate tomorrow.  One day at a time.  There is always fresh manna each day.   It is real now.


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