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It was almost 10 years ago now, when my friend Bodie re-introduced me to T. Austin Sparks… and his … Daily Open Windows… a really great couple had taken excerpts from his writings and sermons and put them into bite sized pieces even I can handle with my short attention span…       🙂

I had had all of Sparks’ writings as part of my Deeper Life Book ministry way back in 1968… he was one of my major  Deeper Life  authors… onliest problem was I interpreted everything he was saying by the religious systems I was in… and that was not what Sparks was trying to communicate.

I am so thankful for my friend Bodie who helped me to see just what Sparks  was  trying to say.  It has changed my life.  My only difficulty is that Sparks died just about the time I was starting… that was almost 50 years ago.  He was speaking about a religious way of life that existed for the 50 years prior to his death.  That’s 100 years ago… It was in a language that people no longer speak, and spoken out of a religious system that permeated everything he was involved in back then.  

So I have this thing going on in me, that I am trying to communicate the same things Sparks was talking about (and that Philip has finally experienced), plus all the wonderful new ones I have experienced since then… but speak in a language outside of any religious system… the desire is for those true things, to come to life in others as well… experientially … become a reality… not just true statements…

Trying to keep them in bite sized pieces along the way…


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