small groups…

The message that Philip is trying to communicate is the same message Sparks was trying to communicate… the thing that is different, is the way the message needs to be communicated… Sparks was using what he had experienced as the method to present any message to the church… the pulpit, the church building, conferences, speaking to large audiences at any venue, writing books, lengthy treatises on paper. 

Then the Charismatic movement happened just about the time Sparks died in 1970, moving thru the 70’s and 80’s, as it morphed into the Shepherding and Discipleship movement …. those 70’s and 80’s were my serious church years. I have written much about the 90’s and the first 10 years of the millennium, as I kept looking for a way to somehow “do church right” 

The major thing was an attempt to do small “house churches”, patterned after our “home groups” of the 70’s and 80’s.   After all… Jesus spent most of His time with just 12 guys.  The problem was not “small groups”… not the size… the problem was that it was still just another “religious system”… come on…  I mean… you have to have someone “in charge”… somebody has to be able to control the meetings…. keep folks in line… keep their doctrine straight… etc…. ad nauseum.

You mean… no one in authority, Philip?  No organization?  No website?  No donate button?  That would be impossible to do anything for God that way?

You are eggszactly right!… there would be nothing I could do for God any more.. I can’t tell you how happy the Lord was when I finally discovered that… and stopped doing things for Him.


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