one on one…

Just you and me… that is the best way… one on one… that is where the best communication can happen… where lives are built… enhanced… grown into the full purpose of God… it all happens one on one….

That understanding offends everything that drives my natural man… so what… it is not about Phil’s natural man… hmmmm… why do you think it is that God’s way of doing things is so offensive to that natural man fella all the time?  When He revealed this one (one on one) to my spirit, it moved right up near the top of the list of what I am thankful for.

I try to live  Thanksgiving Day  every day of the year.  Kind of neat to wake up each morning , head to the bathroom, look in the mirror and voila!… there’s the old fella in the mirror staring right back at me.  Thankful He has given me another day to enjoy… thankful for my relationship with Him (one on one)… thankful for my relationship with my wife (one on one)…

Thanksgiving Day is still very special in itself… I love Thanksgiving Dinners… this year we celebrated that dinner alone… just Philip and Ellen (one on one)… it was great… we talked about family and friends… wishing they could have joined us… thankful for all of them… brothers and sisters, children, grand children, great grand children… so many friends… awesome!

Much more to say about one on one... maybe tomorrow… as long as I see myself in the mirror come morning…


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