same anywhere…

I had participated in a Diabetes Clinic that ran for 6 Wednesdays from 9:00am till 11:30am that wound up just before Thanksgiving.  That final Wednesday, we all got an evaluation sheet to fill out and then the closing minutes we spent talking about what we thought about all that had been shared… what did we like… what didn’t we like… how did it go for us.

10 or 12 people were there most of the Wednesdays… for Philip, that qualified as a “small group” gathering… with some “one on on”… and “two or three” as well.  It is the same anywhere…. to me… THAT is what is important… that is where things happen… they happen in the sharing of our life experiences… the telling of our stories…. during the interactions between the people around the table… as well as with the leaders of the clinic.  Life never happens in the information that is being taught.

I bet you could never guess what Philip shared in those final minutes… what he liked, didn’t like and how it went for me…    🙂

I pretty much knew all the “Diabetes” information that was being presented… but was totally fascinated by how everything I have been saying about  small groups, two or three and one on one … were just as true here as anywhere else.  It’s the same anywhere.


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