so thankful…

I am so thankful to the Lord for sending Bodie into my life… to help bring me to this understanding of sharing life  “one on one”… not just sharing one on one with my Father but sharing life  one on one  with others as well… all those others that Father will send across my path… each day… as I live my simple little life of being who philip is… where He has placed philip today…

Bodie arrived here in 2007… moving to Morrisville from Wewahitchka Florida… it was a sovereign “not knowing whither he went”  kind of move that he had argued with God about for a couple years.  I got an email one morning, asking if I would like to get together for coffee.  We got together… and then got together again and again and again… to the point where it was almost daily.  Sometimes there would be another friend who would join us… or we would all get together with our wives for dinner… 6 people is still a pretty small group.

That went on for 7 years… the time that was necessary for God to work  “one on one”  deeply into my heart.  Then it was time for Bodie to leave… to return to that little town in Florida I couldn’t even pronounce.  What Bodie had been sent to do, had been accomplished.  Now it was time for Bodie to bring his very sick wife (she had MS) back to the family support that was becoming more and more necessary.

I wept and wept when I realized what God had done…  the Lord had sent this man well over a thousand miles… with his seriously ill wife… for 7 years … just to bring Philip to the place where I now know God is not looking for another religious system to convince people that this is the  true Church, build a great organization around it and work very hard to go out and save the rest of the world.  No… no… not… not ever again.

Just His people… being themselves…wherever they are… sharing life  one on one (or sometimes in very small groups)… a life that comes from an experiential  relationship with the  One Himself … He  is what life is all about… following Him… and sharing  His Life  with those that  He Himself  sends across my path. 


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