a little change…

I used to have a different blog where I wrote from 2007 to 2011. My plan when I started this new blog-site, was to just copy these old writings and put them up on my new site with a different page for each year’s writings.  As I was working on this, I kept realizing how much I have changed over these past 10 years… so… I put that project on hold.

Not that I stopped believing the things I had seen and was writing about… but the changes in my life have stopped me from saying those things the way I used to say those things…   🙂    So… I am going to try to say the same things, with less words, from a changed heart…

Meanwhile, I will continue to share the things that roll thru my heart from day to day  (thru my changed heart..:)… and try to write something each day… in so far as I am able to do that.  

This is my legacy… what Philip has discovered during his journey thru life… the major thing discovered…  being…  that this journey is not about philip… it is about his relationship with Jesus and how that has impacted that journey over these past almost 50 years.

Way back then, in 1968, I was separated from what I had been… to become someone totally different.  I will be talking about that  separation  tomorrow.


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