What do these words mean to you…  sacred, holy, saint, sanctify and sanctification.  Amazing what the religious systems have done with these.  If I had stayed in the right system… who knows… maybe I coulda been somebody… like St Philip of Morrisville or something… 

It is so simple… the actual meaning of the word “sanctify”… very simple… it just means to separate or set apart. That is all it means. Throw out all that has been thrown at you from the system and start to read the bible with only that meaning in mind!

God simply separates us from the kingdom of darkness and sets us apart to accomplish His purposes in His Kingdom of light, that marvelous Kingdom of His Son where He is King and He rules  where He (Jesus the King) can now live His Kingdom Life in us!  When we get “separated”  then everything is totally different.

I was part of that other kingdom… the kingdom of darkness… this other kingdom is where the other guy rules… which is where I lived before I got separated… and finally discovered what the Phil Wolff who lived in that kingdom was really capable of.

Now I am Philip ( a saint)… because I have been separated… not St. Philip… not my  “title”  … not because I was canonized… for all my wonderfulness.



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