Last night I used the title  “sanctify”  …  tonight it is  “semper-fi”…  I was a wannabe Marine ever since Pearl Harbor… we all have our fantasies and wannabes… mine was to be a hero… a Marine hero… fighting the enemy from my foxhole … setting people free from bad-guys…. oo-rah !!!  I did that for 32 years. Then… along came  “Separation Day”… my battle cry changed… my new battle cry was sancti-fy!

I was still in the midst of battle… just a different war… a different enemy… a different kind of foxhole… but still working hard to set captives free… to open other’s prison doors… and help to separate them from this dark kingdom and its ruler and move them into the Kingdom of God.  

I fought very hard… fought hard for the next 32 years. Then… another kind of  “separation day”  came along… and I’ve  been at that for over 16 years now…halfway thru that next 32 years…. no word yet on whether He is going to wait till I’m 96 … before He shows up for my “Final Separation Day” …  

The closer I get to that final day… as I move along the road here in my journey thru life… the more I realize that He has given me yet another battle cry…  simpli-fy.

Not fighting any more battles though… just leave all that stuff in His hands now… makes life so much simpler… just gonna do what He tells me to do… then sit back… and enjoy the rest of the journey.

“Simpli-fy” !!!



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