It took a very long time before I came to that next  “Separation Day”… the one that changed my battle cry forever… no more “semper-fi”… no more “sancti-fy”… each day that goes by now I discover more and more… the meaning and importance of “simpli-fy”  instead…  the more I realized, the more I saw, the more I let go, the simpler life got…. each day…

My first 32 years I thought I was so important to the world… so I cried   “semper-fi”  to  make everything right in the world… then that changed… I was separated… and my cry became  sancti-fy  so I could  make everything right in the world.. (of course, I also thought about how smart God was to separate me to His service)… duh!  

Then came the next 32 years… 32 years of religious baloney… 32 years of trying to be God and save the world for Him!   And then… came the next  separation…It has been 18 years now since that next separation to  simpli-fy  at age 64… and it has taken all of those 18 years to finally actually begin to live in that simple life… that simple life of simpli-fy.

What is wrong with just letting God be God… and Philip just be Philip?  God created me to live that way… just being me… instead of living in that lie from way back in the Garden… you know that one where the serpent explains to me that God is just nervous that if I eat from that Tree of Knowledge… then I will be as God… then Philip will be the One who decides what is Good and Evil.

Good… and… Evil…. hmmmm…



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