way back then…

Norman Grubb was one of my favorite Deeper Life authors…. he wrote a bunch of great books… this is something he wrote that I read back in 1969 and it meant something entirely different back then than it does today.

“.….the long period that it takes… for God to get a person to discover his insufficiency…to break to pieces his self-reliance…and then to replace it by God-reliance….  couldn’t be realized until the man had become  nothing  so that God could become  everything.  You cannot know a free Christ inside you until you’ve been freed from yourself…. You can’t know the indwelling Christ in His liberated presence conveying His mind to us, conveying His Word to us, conveying His power to us, and conveying His beauty and purity to us … unless we have that basic experience which has put out the self-sufficient self. “

Way back then in 1969 …  it meant my release to do great and wondrous things  for God…. wanting nothing more than Him living in me  to accomplish those great things He had called me to do… but … today…. it means the total elimination of me to do anything for God…. it has finally brought me to simply being who I am… where I am… with no need to do anything  for God… finally discovering that He is quite able  to do whatever He wants without me… what an incredible place of peace and rest… just enjoying Him in whatever it is  He is going to do today…


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