I shared something the other day that was written by  Norman Grubb.   That writing started a dialogue with an old Facebook friend who lives in Australia, resulting in my promise to tell a story on myself, of the time I met  Norman Grubb,  and we shared life together... er… uh…. maybe… since this is a  true confessions  moment…  I should re-word that and say that Philip shared his life with Norman…     🙂

Norman passed in 1993 at 98 years of age.  I sat down with him about 20 years before that when he was still a young fellow pushing towards 80…. egads… that was 43 years ago…. Norman had retired to Christian Literature Crusade’s headquarters in Fort Washington, Pa.  It was CLC that published and/or distributed all of my Deeper Life authors.  We supported CLC with our tithes.  I would take folks from the churches where we attended… to visit and learn about their ministry.

One time, I was invited to meet Norman and spend some time with him.  I was in my “God’s man of faith and power for the hour”  phase of my life.  I shared with Norman how God was in control of every moment of my life… every breath I took… then shared miracle after miracle that had happened… and… how God cared for even the smallest details, the need of a parking space at the mall (and voila – someone would back out just before I got to the spot) and Norman… I know… that every traffic light changes at exactly the right moment, He does that just for me…providing the exactly perfect time of arrival at my next destination… or to keep me safe from an accident that was just about to happen.  I took a little break… and saw he was about to respond.

“That is wonderful, Philip.  I hope that some day, the Lord will give me that kind of faith.”

Ellen assures me to this day… that Norman was totally sincere… humble…  gracious…. real…showing the incredible work that God had done in Norman Grubb’s life.  That understanding has always helped me in these later years, having discovered what a jack-a-napes I am… what an arrogant, conceited nitwit… saying this stuff to a man of true humility,  who had lived a life of faith for 78 years.

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