Norman – Part II…

Yesterday I wrote about my time with Norman Grubb… I had just really begun my walk with the Lord back then… I hadn’t learned very much… mostly  those things I learned were what I was taught by others.  These things I shared with Norman were true things… they were experiences I was having as I walked with God… things that actually happened… and the Lord did these things for me in order to build my faith, build my trust and show me how much He loved me... how much He cared for me

“I shared with Norman how God was in control of every moment of my life… every breath I took… then shared miracle after miracle that had happened… and… how God cared for even the smallest details, the need of a parking space at the mall (and voila – someone would back out just before I got to the spot) and Norman… I know… that every traffic light changes at exactly the right moment, He does that just for me…providing the exactly perfect time of arrival at my next destination… or to keep me safe from an accident that was just about to happen.”

One of Norman’s major understandings was that God lives in us… we are containers of His very life… as God lives His life in my “container”, He changes me ever so slowly into the image of His Son.

Norman was very aware of the work that God had yet to do in me.  He also trusted completely in that Life in my container to accomplish that work.  Norman knew that God was at work and I would be changing over the years, as I experienced more and more of His Life.  So… Norman encouraged me in every way he could to continue on in my journey and discover more and more about Him.

He was a very loving, kind and gracious man.

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