burning those books…

I’ve talked before about all those times folks kept telling me I needed to write a book… but … I would tell them that I would have to write a new book every year… then buy up all the remaining copies of the last book so I could  burn  them…  do you remember my saying that?        🙂

I’ve also said at various times, how this blog is probably the  only book  I will ever write.  Well…. guess what?  I now get a chance to  burn up  some of the old stuff I have written… same reason…  I keep being changed… so… I am working my way thru all my old postings (presently half way thru 2011) working slowly but surely back to 2007 when it all began.

Some things will be re-written … truth is truth… the truths remain unchanged… what has changed is Philip… so things will be said  much differently … from who Philip is today … and said much more concisely... he doesn’t use so many words any more… one of the ways he has changed.      🙂

I remain incredibly thankful to the Lord for the way He continues to change my heart into His heart… still a long way to go… but knowing Father is my  wherewithal  makes the journey exciting… as well as knowing He is  always faithful… so I rest in that…


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