double minded…

o When God revealed His Son to me and entered my life, I received a second mind… a spiritual mind… I already had a natural mind… now I had two minds… spiritual and natural... then He showed me this verse…

“a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

Those two minds are  at war  with each other.  If I try to function using  both  of those minds, I become double minded… and I am unstable in all my ways.

A choice here that I needed to make…I chose to be single minded… to live from my spiritual mind... to have only one desire…  “Lord,  I just want what you want… I refuse to function from my natural mind

I have more and m0re become a single minded man… stable in all the ways I presently know… growing, changing and becoming even more stable every day.

Not a bad way to live…


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