the deceiver…

He has lots of names… that enemy… Satan.  One of those names is  the deceiver…. and he is very good at it… deceiving even the very elect”….  the place where he does that is in my  natural mind  that I spoke about yesterday… that is where all the deception goes on… which is why it is so important for Philip to function from his spiritual mind… for Philip to have the  mind of Christ  about everything he is looking at…

Over the years I have been fascinated by Church History... where I see the same deception going on within every movement of God… men using their natural minds begin to organize the movement, structure it, form  clergy/laity  (the educated and the uneducated) so the educated ones can formulate and teach their doctrines to the uneducated ones…. the deceiver has achieved his purpose… God leaves the system.

Denomination after denomination has been formed because of this  deception…  the Holy Spirit  leaves  when the deception is full orbed… He moves elsewhere … and then the same thing happens once again with the next group… over and over… there are now thousands of Christian religious systems around.  Each one believing their  system  is the best.

Then one day the Holy Spirit moved in Phil Wolff’s life… He showed me wonderful things… which Phil Wolff then organized out of his natural mind …. developing his very own perfect religious system.

And God left….


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