natural minds…

My  natural mind  always tells me the best way to do absolutely everything. That “everything” should always be bigger … always better… always successful.. the best of the best. That is the way Philip looks at all he sets out to do. He prays  as if  everything depends on God and works  as if  everything depends on Philip.  What a guy!!!

Only problem is… that is the opposite of what my  spiritual mind  tells me. My spiritual mind tells me to decrease... not increase… to become smaller... not larger… to become less... not more… to be still... not get busy… actually to cease from my work and let Him do the work…

Jesus ends up alone  on a cross.  Paul ends up alone  in a Roman jail.  John ends up alone  on Patmos. Watchman Nee ends up alone in jail his last 20 years.  Ozwald Chambers gets sick and dies a young man  far away in a little hut in Egypt.

It is time for Philip to no longer trust his  natural mind…  Jesus must increase… I must decrease… just me and Him… together… walking with those He has put with me… in the place where He has put me…. dealing only with what He has put on my plate.


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