So I got up yet one more time this morning… talked to the Lord on my way to the shower… asking Him what He had in store for me today… was He going to put anything special on my plate… ya know… it turned out to be quite a plateful…    🙂

Normal start, prepped breakfast for 3… a skier in for one nite and a nice couple from Los Angeles driving thru the States… they were in Saratoga NY… wanted to stop in Vermont … looked for lodging in the Stowe area, saw us, loved what they saw and called just before 8:00pm booking 2 nites… Ellen waited up for their arrival just before midnight.

Breakfast wrapped up about 9:00, the skier left, the couple invited me to sit with them. He had read a little of my stuff on the internet and wanted to share some stories. We shared  life  for the next 4 hours… the guy wanted to hear my whole life story. It was an amazing time.  He recognized he was on the  “journey”  just as we all are… all at different places… it was obvious that the Lord had sent him here to encourage him that he was heading in the right direction. Truly an amazing time… I think I covered everything that I have written on  my blog, plus some things I haven’t… like how our natural mind constantly rationalizes  things to make them acceptable to us.

Rationalizations… oh my… even illustrated with my story about how I almost killed myself eating ice cream… oh yes… how easily I had rationalized that one.

Then our neighbor came for a visit around 4:30pm… after a wonderful time of chatting and foolishness, we started to talk about the morning plateful… and rationalizations...

I discovered I had something else I was rationalizing… maybe tomorrow….


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